Chocolate-Almond Ramekin Cakes

Chocolate-Almond Ramekin Cakes (grain-free, dairy-free)

It has been a while since I've pulled out my ramekins! With Valentine's Day coming, I thought it would be cute to make little cakes for my "little" ones.  I had wanted to make a flourless cake like this one, but I used an almond flour-based recipe instead.  There is no butter required, and the milk is also non-dairy (almond milk).  These Chocolate-Almond Ramekin Cakes can be tweaked can add extra chocolate chips and/or more sugar if you want a richer cake.  The kids squealed when they ate it, they loved the nutty taste along with the traditional chocolate. Funny story: Since making my quinoa breakfast muffins, I have baked two more types of muffins for the kids, and now these little cakes.  Each time, they ask if it has … [Read More...]

A sketchbook outline of my "cityscape" cake - the little town of Stirling.

My Cityscape Cake Part I: The Village of Stirling

So I’ve given myself until the end of February to complete a modelling chocolate cityscape cake like the one in Lauren Kitchen’s Cityscape Course from Craftsy.  Recently, I gave my opinion of the course in this post.  Originally I had planned to make one of New York City, since we had just been there after… 

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Quinoa Breakfast Muffins

Quinoa Breakfast Muffins (gluten-free, dairy-free)

I have made these muffins several times now, and it is definitely a winner. Even the picky eaters in this house love them.  Quinoa is such a great grain, mostly used as a rice replacement, as a hot breakfast dish or in cold salads.  Depending on how much you make, with even 1 cup of… 

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Cityscape Cakes

Craftsy Course Review: Lauren Kitchens, Cityscape Cakes

Our house is surrounded by snow today, meetings have been cancelled, and although it is a good day to be baking, I am online, with my nose in my classes.  I casually mentioned in a previous post that I have several cake decorating (and baking) classes that I have not had the time to… 

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What is ghee?

What is Ghee Butter?

Many of you know, our daughter, Lily, has many food intolerances.  Last summer we discovered dairy was a big one, especially casein.  Casein is a milk protein predominantly found in cow’s milk and dairy products, and even human milk. She is not lactose intolerant, so a simple pill will not prevent her suffering.  She has… 

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Millet Breadmaker Bread with Currants

Breadmaker Millet Bread with Currants

Many of you know I am tackling the mountain called ‘Food Photography’.  In a previous post, I told you of the two books I picked from Amazon to learn from, and although there are pros and cons to each book, they do say this one thing: manual, manual, manual.  Oh, and lighting, lighting, lighting. All… 

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Tim Hortons Cake

Cakes by Erin Flashback: A Tim Horton’s Cake

I am behind the scenes this week working on a big project to show you in the near future.  I am excited to get it part way through so I can update you, but for now we will flashback to a very old cake: a Tim Horton’s Cake!  You probably can tell I used an… 

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Kitchen Reno

Kitchen Reno: a Baker in a Barn

Just a few weeks ago we finally finished our family kitchen reno.  AND I LOVE IT.  It has certainly been a slow progression since we started in 2008 (gasp) and the majority of the work was done back then.  The backsplash was the final step and it is complete. Don’t you love it too? This… 

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What flavours go well together? Includes some examples.

What Flavours Go Well Together in Baking???

Once you create a really great muffin or cake recipe, you can then start to add in flavours and switch it up a bit, depending on what is in season.  Citrus is big right now, but in a few months it will be rhubarb and strawberry season, and then comes apple and pumpkin, and on… 

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