A Fondant Piano Tutorial

DIY Simple Fondant Piano Tutorial

You may remember the piano ornament I made for the kids piano teacher at Christmas.  It can also be made into a fondant cake topper for your favourite little pianist.  Below I have divided the steps into two parts: A Simple Fondant Keyboard Tutorial and A Simple Fondant Piano Tutorial.  There are no measurements involved - everything is based on how big you make the white keys. Part 1:Part 2: Thinking back, the very first cake I ever made for a customer was an upright piano like the one pictured, only out of cake.  I couldn't believe what I'd accomplished when it was complete - I ran to my neighbour's to show it off! I had used four layers of cake to gain height, and iced it all in black buttercream (can we say stained teeth?). The … [Read More...]

Car Crash Cake Topper

16th Birthday Car Cake Topper

A friend’s son turned 16 recently and I agreed to make him a cake topper for his cake.  Since I had been playing around with modelling chocolate, I decided to use it for the topper.  The day he turned 16 he went for a haircut and his G1 (and passed).  Now that he is officially… 

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Shamrock Cheesecake-tinis

No Bake Shamrock Cheesecake-tinis

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The kids are away for a few days, so I took the liberty of pulling out some dairy for a festive lephrechaun-ish treat. Although this is gluten-free, it is most definitely NOT dairy-free, so Little Miss would not be eating any.  Tonight it is ribs, kale salad, and Shamrock Cheesecake for… 

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Flashback Cakes: Man’s Best Friend; Dog Cakes

We lost a great friend this week.  Our loyal, loving, huggable, garbage-eating, shoe-chewing black lab-retriever.  For thirteen years he followed me around from room to room, listened to everything I said, protected our two kids, whined when they cried, endured their pushes, pulls and tackles, chased sticks into the water as long as he could,… 

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Caramel Applestroop Popcorn

Caramel Applestroop Popcorn: A Success!

A few posts ago I was telling you my headaches with making caramel applestroop popcorn with coconut oil, and how it kept going up in smoke.  Well, I have finally done it with a few tweaks and a careful eye. It is a simple recipe: popcorn, dairy-free margarine, brown sugar and apple spread, but oh,… 

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Dragonfly Tea Set

Favourite Dishes: It’s Time for Teapots!

It’s time for tea! Growing up in my family, the tea kettle was always on.  Generally it was plain ol’ black tea, but as my parents got older, and more refined, interesting flavours entered our pantry: green tea, ginger spice, vanilla chai…the list goes.  In more recent years, steeped tea has hit an all time… 

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Gluten-free Apple French Toast Bake

Gluten-Free Apple French Toast Bake

  In our home, we bake our own gluten-free bread a few times a month, especially since the store-bought versions are hard on the wallet.  The amount of toast and raspberry jam Little Miss consumes is exasperating as she needs to continually feed her growing limbs.  At times, however, a batch can come out a… 

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My Cityscape Cake 2

My Cityscape Cake Part V: The Big Reveal

For those of you just joining us, during the month of February I have been working through the Craftsy.com Course, Cityscape Cakes: An Intro to Modeling Chocolate.  My goal was to get a cake done, representing our little town, by Feb.28, and I’ve done it! For the other parts of this project check out these… 

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Simple 2-Dimensional Dirt

My Cityscape Cake Part IV: Simple 2D Farmers Field

For those of you just joining us in this project, I have been working through one of Craftsy.com‘s classes on Modelling chocolate: Lauren Kitchens’ Cityscape Cakes.  The deadline is to have it all done and posted by February 28! The cake design involves different buildings and other items that represent a city (or in my… 

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